1. Gold is stable and between 1100 and 1200 oz. with some down indicators throughout the year.
2. China actually had a complete withdrawal from the market. The rare and fine Chinese pieces are still being sold at strong numbers to private Chinese collectors.
3. Economy in Europe is weak along with most of the world including the U. S. A. Again, wonderful things still sell for exceptional prices.
4. Internet is still active at a lower price level with many items not being what they are claimed to be (beware).
5. In summary, 2015 has been a weaker year than 2014 with concerns for the economic future of all countries.

How has this affected the watch world?

Pocket Watches:
1. Common U. S. and foreign sells at a very soft price.
2. Railroads still sell when restored completely but not as fast as in the past.
3. Characters are absolutely the strongest of all watch areas.
4. High-grade had a drop off in price from the Chinese drop out. Patek Philippe, Vacheron & Constantin, etc. are bringing less than 2014.
5. Foreign and U. S. Complicated are still holding their own but much slower to sell. Certain types, such as Chronometers and Tourbillions have taken a serious drop off. While the repeaters and better named complicated have done very well.
6. Verge Fusee’s have retained their value and are slowly disappearing from the Market place.

Wrist Watches:
1. Common wrist watches are steady sellers but again, less than 2014.
2. High-grade Patek Philippe and Vacheron & Constantin, etc., no question these have gone down in value but still sell.
3. New/Contemporary watches are still strong as ever.

Summary and Opinion for 2015: Interesting year, plenty of activity but at generally lower prices. We feel our future is good with a definite reduction of inventory. This implies higher prices and a strong future for the collector and investor.



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Diamond investing is not for the average investor. It takes a savvy investor with a keen eye and deep pockets to truly realize the advantages of this tangible asset. Someone who has an appreciation for the lessons of yesterday, a keen eye for the challenges of today, and a firm grasp of the challenges of tomorrow.
I think we would all agree that the world is now in challenging economic times. In some parts of the world, even crisis. Yet even in the midst of this there are astute individuals and entities who not only survive, but thrive.
“Crisis is opportunity riding on a dangerous wind” is an ancient Japanese proverb.
Right now, there exists a (safe) opportunity on this dangerous wind, via the medium of large, fine diamonds. Investors are looking towards large (3 carats plus) fine (G color, VS2 clarity or better) diamonds like never before as a means to diversify their portfolios and shelter a portion of their income in a proven tangible asset. Major auction house sales of large, fine diamonds are soaring and startling record-breaking prices are being established.