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Bruce Crissy, Crissy Galleries, is the Proprietor of the Art & Antique Center.

Welcome to Sarasota’s Art & Antique Center (A&AC).
My love and dedication to art and antiques started with the founding of Crissy Galleries by my mother Carol Crissy in 1964. In 50+ years we created a bond of trust, professionalism and security for our local and international clients and within the community we live in.
Today, as proprietor of the A&AC, I’m proud to be in the company of like minded colleagues throughout the building with the highest quality and ethical standards within our industries. Our objective is to increase the position of the A&AC as a high end destination for the serious collector of art, antiques, coins, jewelry and watches. In addition, our building is providing the largest and highest rated vault security for your valuables in the state of Florida.




The Art & Antique Center is one of the most
interesting and secure buildings in the state of Florida. This building was originally designed to be a high security storage facility.



Today, in addition to vault security, the building houses high-end reputable stores offering products and services in fine art, antiques, jewelry, rare coins, and watches.
The Art & Antique Center is a true Sarasota destination for the art and antique connoisseur, collector, and investor.

• Easy access to I-75, US 41, US 301, SRQ Airport, Downtown
• Plenty of parking
• Elevator, wheelchair access.
• Free WiFi
• Dealer friendly
• Free verbal appraisals
• Ask us about consignments
• Ask us about upcoming auctions